Florida To Invade Georgia

So this week the United Sprint Car Series has got some 360 sprint car action going on up across the border and we hear a bunch of Florida teams are heading on up to partake.

Where should you be telling Google Maps you want to drive to if you’re the road trip type or really just hate your job and are looking for a good reason to get fired?

  • Thursday, July 17 – Lavonia Speedway at Lavonia, GA.
  • Friday, July 18 – Boyd’s Speedway at Ringold, GA
  • Saturday, July 19 – Dixie Speedway at Woodstock, GA

Your webmaster can vouch for Dixie Speedway as I spent two years of my life living in the Atlanta suburbs, a period of time I would prefer to forget about, with the exception of the times I went to Dixie Speedway for some sprint car racing. I even got to meet a then-teenager by the name of Sarah Fisher wheeling the family’s blue Mead sponsored sprint car.

But alas, I digress.

Here is a roll call of who we hear is going up for some/all of the races.

  • Collin Cabre
  • Danny Martin Jr.
  • Johnny Gilbertson
  • Nicholas Snyder
  • Matt Kurtz
  • The Witherspoons
  • Shawn Murray
  • AJ Maddox as a maybe.

We also hear that it’s $2,000 to win and $500 to start. But you might want to give Pete Walton a ring (or a bell as the British would say) to confirm payout at 770.865.6097.

In addition, USCS has their own mini sprint deal and we know of one driver, Chase Cabre, who will be racing in that class.

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