New Ryan Partin Gear Now Available!

If you have found yourself saying to yourself, “Man, I’d love to take a female companion to the next Top Gun Sprint Series race to cheer for Flyin’ Ryan Partin, but man, she’s just got nothing proper to wear to the track. What should I do?”

Well quit saying “man” so much and worry no more friends!

New Ryan Partin gear for the ladies is now available!

Yes, this very track appropriate summer dress will now be available at the Flying 14 trailer at all upcoming Top Gun Sprint Series races.

“I’ve spent the past couple weeks both working on the car and visiting some of the finest fashion shows from Milan to Paris to see what is fashionable in Europe this time of year,” said 2009 Top Gun Sprint Series champion Ryan Partin. “I hired a few designers on spec and after laboriously reviewing many design comps, I’ve settled on this very conservative design. I think my fans will be pleased, my mother, probably not so much. My dad very much approves though, for the record.”

So ladies, please stop by the Flyin’ 14 race hauler at the next Top Gun Sprint Series race at Bubba Raceway Park for a custom measurement and price quote.