Daytona international speedway

As one of the largest outdoor sports facilities, this racetrack has the capacity of over 100,000 audiences. It’s located in Daytona Beach, Florida, since it’s foundation in 1959. It has undergone several renovations including installation of lights and speedway renovation. This has made it the best facility for the most prestigious race sponsored by NASCAR, Daytona 500.

Daytona International Speedway

It has lights around the track allowing the audience to have better view of the cars during a race. The 4km high-speed tri-oval, sports car course, which is 5.73km, 4.75 motorcycle course together with 400m karting and motorcycle flat-track all contribute to what makes gives this facility its stature. Aside from all this, it has a 29-acre lake that has hosted powerboat racing. With multiple layouts, it’s possible to have better races. Other than improving the experience for the racers, the fans can also enjoy themselves more as they cheer their racers on. Comfortable and permanent seats that are wider, more restrooms and concession stands, and wider entrances all contribute to improving the experience of the fans. The seating areas still have enough room for expansion, leaving room for more additional permanent seats.

The Daytona international speedway is capable of hosting several sports ranging from speedboat racing to high school and college football. This diversity has made them popular and preferred by many. The fans also have a fanzone that they can use to watch the race teams work on their cars and motorcycles before races. In addition, they can access a live entertainment stage and refreshment centers in the fanzone. Another fan spot is the party porch filled with food and drinks that fans can access without sacrificing their view of the racetracks.

Like every other sports facility, Daytona has had its fair share of accidents, some being fatal. To date, there have been 40 fatalities, involving drivers, motorists, powerboat racers, kart drivers and a track worker. Even with all that, there’s still room for renovations that will make the facility safer for all participants, fans, workers and racers.