Top 5 Best 7 passenger SUV’s

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People always want to buy their dream car whether you want to buy for your family or you just enjoy feeling of being a king of the road by driving a luxury car. And if you have a big family you always tend to look for a car with big room. So if you are planning to buy one you should take a look at the list of 5 best 7 passenger cars for you.

1. Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9

Cars loving people are obsessed with the comparisons of number between cars and often ranked cars by the maximum output, top speed or zero to sixty acceleration but the new generation CX-9 have proved that the power of engine doesn’t always have to be major point to determine the performance of a car. It is boosted with 250 horsepower 2017 CX-9 have shown amazing results on road. It is a fuel efficient car the engine is characterized to consume one gallon per 24 miles which is really a significant advantage over the competitors. It is a three row car the interior in very spacious for driver and middle row passengers however the last row is comfortable for kids. The car have starting price of 35,000$ the price is quite economical.

2. Audi Q7

Audi Q7

Audio Q7 starting price of 50,000$ is a full-size SUV associated as one of the most luxurious cars, under the hood it carries a V6 engine which produces a total power of 333 horsepower. The fascinating thing about this car is that the thrust control is distributed to both front and rear wheels of the car in a ratio of 40 to 60 and moreover the driver can also shift the power to the rear wheels only. According to the official data by the Audi corps the car can cover 0-60 acceleration in 6 seconds time. The Q7 passengers are treated well, with 3 rows of seating, a sophisticated cabin design and high quality material, as well as well design and thoughtful standard and optional features.

3. Mercedes GLS

Mercedes GLS

Mercedes proudly calls their GLS models the s-class among the SUV’s. It is currently available in three modified models GLS 450, 550 and MG GLS 63. The cheapest model 450 comes in a price of 68,000$. The engine offers a 362 horsepower a twin turbo V6. The exterior of the car is dynamic and clean. It is the biggest SUV in the Mercedes lineup it offers three row of sitting with comfortable passengers seats of high quality leather and high-end electronics system.

4. Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

With a starting price of 50,000$ the car feels comfortable under any conditions in both on road and off road experience. This land rover is offered with two engine options diesel and petrol the engine offers a horsepower of 360 and guarantees a maximum output performance. The car have a remarkable towing capability up to 77 hundred pounds. The car is completely filled with technology as the interior configuration of seats and space can by organized according to your plans through an app on your smart phones.

5. Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango

If you got a big family and very fond of boating but not a fan of driving humongous SUV everywhere you go then you might want to consider more compact and sportier look car like Dodge Durango. The car worth about 38,000$ and offers a V6 engine of 295 horsepower. Despite of its small size the car have towing capacity of 6200 pounds. It offers another version for power hungry drivers offering a V8 engine of 360 horsepower. It is worth mentioning that this dodge is surprisingly spacious even the rear row can be seated with 2 adults comfortably.



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