It was a dark and stormy night several years ago when Todd and Brian met on the “old” Karnac message board. Both had a love of sprint car racing and were debating the merits of one Natalie Sather and her adventures at Volusia Speedway Park. However, their paths did not cross at the track, most likely because Todd wouldn’t leave the Terry McCarl hauler and Brian would not leave the Jac Haudenschild hauler.

But then there came the holy grail of late model racing in the state of Florida – the Governor’s Cup. Was it the allure of homemade beer that Todd made just for the traditional Karnac cookout before the race that brought Brian out? As it turned out they were both emblazoned with Terry McCarl gear and an instant bond was formed.

Fast forward to 2009 SpeedWeeks at New Smyrna Speedway and Todd was having what some would loosely consider fun helping replace a rear end on the Wendy Mathis #80 and Brian stopped by to cheer up Todd. Much bench racing ensued, horrible pitside food was consumed, further Karnac exploits continued and then it was decided…

Create our own damn website!

Why? We think sprint car racing in Florida is in need of help promoting itself. We hope to give a somewhat serious, mostly humorous voice to the various sprint car races taking place in this great state of ours. Hopefully somewhere along the lines we can help bring some more fans out to the sprint car races.

We hope you’ll join us and listen in to our podcasts – and if we publish commentary, we hope you will read it.

Above all else, we’re just some fans trying to have some fun with this. The day that stops happening with this website, you will most likely see a blank screen of some sort. Don’t expect too much out of us and you won’t be disappointed.